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Gear motors for wheeled robots

With the popularity the STEAM education and AI and the rise of 5G, smart robot product kits and various components have sprung up, but micro gear motors from ZHAOWEI play an important role there.
Smart robots can act in accordance with pre-programmed procedures by artificial intelligence technology. Mature smart robots can replace people's work, such as production, construction and other dangerous work. The robot is divided into wheel type, leg type, crawler type, snake type and composite type according to the movement mode. Among them, wheeled mobile robots occupy a very important position in the field of autonomous robots. They have the characteristics of fast motion speed and simple control, so are widely used in automatic palletizing production lines and unmanned vehicles.
However, the wheeled mobile robot has the following drawbacks: one is that the wheeled robot has poor ability to avoid obstacles, and the other is that the wheeled robot has poor climbing ability, which is also the reason for limiting the application of the wheeled robot. In order to solve these problems. ZHAOWEI designs gearbox solutions for the wheeled robot by analyzing the robot wheel drive structure.
Gearbox drive principle of wheeled robots
To assist in the completion of the AGV control system including the  ground control system and the vehicle control system. The ground control system refers to the fixed equipment of the AGV system, mainly responsible for task assignment, vehicle scheduling, and path (line) management, traffic management, automatic charging and other functions. After receiving the command from the ground control system, the vehicle control system is responsible for AGV navigation calculation, guidance implementation, vehicle walking, loading and unloading operations and other functions.
Compact structure
The robot wheeled drive part is mounted in an anti-symmetric manner using a combination of a DC motor and a 38mm planetary gearbox. This method can make the wheel pair coaxial and provide greater power (usually a certain proportion of the motor's external dimensions and power), and can reduce the force point of the output shaft of the reducer, greatly shorten the wheelbase, save space, and make the robot miniaturized. Thanks to this installation method, the choice of the motor can be more extensive.The function of the 38mm metal geared motor can increase the torque and reduce the speed. It can also use the friction between the self-locking to play the brake when it needs to stop. Also extend the wheelbase to meet the wheelset installation needs. The steering wheel adopts electromagnetic brake, which can be locked by cutting off power.

Solving the poor ability of avoiding obstacles
The two drive motors respectively control the left rear drive wheel and the right rear drive wheel, so that the robot can better complete the steering task, and the ultrasonic distance measuring sensor and the infrared obstacle avoidance sensor are installed on the device, so that the robot can find the front obstacles
while walking,then turn to avoiding in advance, it can solve the problem of poor ability of the wheeled robot to avoid obstacles.
Poor climbing ability?
Based on field tests and theoretical analysis, the poor climbing ability is mainly caused by insufficient driving force of the drive system. The reason for the lack of driving force is that the friction coefficient of the linear rail selected in the design stage is too ideal. In order to solve the change of the friction coefficient of the guide rail after the system load is increased, In the early stages of design, we can produce gearboxes of two-stage, three-stage, four-stage,and reduction ratio,input speed,torque and other technical parameters can be customized according to your design requirements of the wheeled robot gear motor. 
ZHAOWEI gearbox solutions for wheeled robots can be well applied to the intelligent driving of wheels for programming robots, community accompanying robots, smart residential robots, racing robots, etc. Our intelligent robot gearboxes range in size from 3.4mm to 38mm. The robot steering gear developed by ZHAOWEI has strict requirements on structure and space design.While improving reliability, reducing total cost. And our gearboxes for wheeled robots have the characteristics of large torque rigidity, small vibration, strong impact resistance, large bearing capacity and small volume,which can better meet the drive needs of six-degree-of-freedom robots.
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