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35MM Reduction Geared motor,Make the most of your electric blinds

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-11-04 17:46:00

As a host of your house,you need adjustable transmittance of light to adapt the different weather conditions. You need to adjust in some specific time , to guarantee the protection of  your indoor privacy and indoor freedom to the greatest extent.Too much sun or too much noice will always interrupting your meditations or afternoon rest that cann’t ensure you comfortable environment.  But a thoughtful intelligent curtain can scientifically improve the sound and heat insulation effect ,it helps you solve your problems  and ensure your quality of life at home.

Health is everybody's concern, but minor health threats are easily overlooked, excessive ultraviolet radiation can cause physical discomfort state. All of these are taken into account in the initial design, Even your children don't have to worry about long periods of sun shining.  35MM reduction gearbox developed by ZhaoWei company solves the tubular planetary motor  gearbox’s  indoor shading noise (less than 34DB), making the noise of the curtain motor break through the lowest value of the industry.

Firstly, it solves the problem that the product noise is less than 34DB in indoor. At the same time, the design of planetary gear box in the industry is broken. The planetary gear adopts the design concept and scheme of herringbone gear, Secondly, the brake mechanism of the tubular planetary gearbox is solved. The traditional planetary reduction gear box adopts motor brake, The intelligent electric curtain gear box (35MM reduction gearbox) developed by ZhaoWei electromechanical integrates the brake into the planetary gearbox, making the motor making relatively better control than simple noise .

35MM减速齿轮箱,做最懂你的电动窗帘!The above intelligent electric curtain service scheme (35MM reduction gear box) is designed for specific customers, As a demonstration of scheme of the 35MM  planetary reduction gear box. ZhaoWei electromechanical  can design, develop and produce products according to the special needs of customers, not sold separately.





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