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About DC motor you need to know something

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-09-08 18:19:00

    Stall or overload: The Winding and Iron will create heat during motor running, and this heating will gradually increase, under normal load, the temperature can be balance between creating and releasing, it will not burn the motor winding. But if often use the Stall or Overload, the temperature cannot be balance as normal, it will gradually burn the Resistant Layer over the Winding, then cause the winding to be burnt down.

    Noise Solution: When you have strict requirements on noise and Electromagnetic Interference, please inform us in advance, we have ways to handle these issues.

    Shaft Machine: Do not machine the motor shaft without get inform us, this may cause the damage of gear and gears cooperation.

    Run the shaft(DC Gear Motor): Do not turn the shaft by hand when adjust the install direction, this will turn the gearbox to be increaser not a reducer, and also this will turn the Dc Motor to be Generator.

    Installation: The standard fasten direction is to set the shaft in horizontal direction, to change the direction may cause the oil leaking, and also cause the load direction changing, this may influence the motor performance and lifetime.

    Terminal Welding: When welding the terminal with wires, please use the Iron temperature at 350~400°C  within 2-3 seconds. Too high temperature or too long time will cause damage to motor terminal and connection parts, especially when it is metal Brushed motor.

    Low Speed running: For Carton Brushed Motor, during the working of motor, the carbon Brush will be gradually wore off, and the carbon Powder will be rub off the brush. So if the motor is in lower speed, the carbon power will accumulate in the Commutator slots, when the quantity increases, it will cause the motor to be short circuit. To avoid this situation, we use different kinds of technics and materials according to different motor and speed, so it is very important that users let us know their working voltage of the motor.

    Inertia and Solution: When the power is cut off, the motor will continue to run for a few seconds, we call this Motor Phenomenon. All the DC Motors have such Phenomenon. If you want solve this issue, you just need to connect the motor “+” to “-“, then this phenomenon will disappear. This is to use Motor-Generator Features(Inverse Current), however this action will cause a high momentary current, usually perform this action will shorten the Motor lifetime.

    Life time: DC Motor lifetime varies according to different use conditions and load, so different working condition will cause different lifetime for the same motor, please let us know your exact using condition, we will design the motor according to it.

    The following factors will affect the motor lifetime, so if you use motor in such condition, please inform us, we can discuss over it and try to find a solution together.

Any questions or inquiry, please call us at hotline: 86-755-27322652 or visit our website at: and send your messages, Joint Exploration is warmly welcomed!

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