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Advanced customization will have a broader market

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    ZHAOWEI is speciallized in manufacturing and selling mini DC gear motors and planetary gear motors. Now, tailor-made service is available! If required, please contact us with no hesitation!

In recent years, reducer manufacturing occupies a very important position in China's machinery manufacturing industry. As a kind of gear power transmission equipment, through the transfer gear, it can achieve the speed of motor speed adjustment to the demand of the speed reducer. Therefore, the application range from transport to construction machinery, from the common life Watch appliances to automated production equipment in the factory, use reducer need mechanical transmission system in almost all. It is because of the scope of application of the speed reducer is very extensive, so according to the type of practice demand developed reducer is very rich, in order to meet the special needs of micro reducer is the production of small volume reducer.

Micro gear reducer with small volume, so the device and the design of the interior is more precise and compact. Compared to the larger volume of reducer, micro gear reducer achieves the same affects with a bigger difficulty. Because the speed reducer is based on power as a driving to make reducer volume smaller means inside the motor reducer to design simpler and more compact. But the motor produced by our country because of the needs of the domestic market, the motor design from the point of view the appearance of volume are relatively large. Compared with foreign large motors, consumed raw materials, the production cost is higher, because the motor's sake, it is bound to the larger volume reducer. In order to make micro gear reducer meet actual demand application, we need to speed up the smaller motor power stronger. In gear transmission, how to better maintenance the gear has been plagued by micro reducer for the development as a problem. Because micro gear reducer designed more sophisticated, so a greater friction gear generated in the operation process, lubrication, become key issues in the operation process. At present research in this field is being carried out in depth, I believe with the continuous optimization of the design, the problem will be solved thoroughly.

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