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Advanced customization level--ZHAOWEI Planetary gear reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-08-18 17:44:00

  ZHAOWEI is speciallized in manufacturing and selling mini DC gear motors and planetary gear motors. Now, tailor-made service is available! Any questions or inquiry, please call us at hotline: 86-755-27322652 or visit our website at: and send your messages, Joint Exploration is warmly welcomed!

    Planetary gear reducer need to seal design to prevent the part of the oil spill has two kinds: one kind is no relative movement joint surface, another is a fitting surface with relative motion, basically has the following several aspects of content:

1) oil seal faults mainly reflects in: one is the friction heat and power loss; The second is aging and wear, life is limited, belong to wearing parts;3 it is to change is difficult, to unload to discharge the coupling on the shaft extension or other transmission parts.

2) has a relative motion, it is necessary to seal the fitting surface is the input shaft and output shaft or the shaft end to leakage of journal and bearing end cover hole mating surface, these parts of the seal is not easy, need to be taken seriously, all aspects of the consensus is at present: plugging and persuation and;

3) there is no relative movement of the joint surface organism combination of machine cover, bearing cover and the body's combination of end face and cover in and out of the pipe flange end face and the body, or a combination of surface cover, these parts at present by the combined surface finishing, daub sealant performance good, with plenty of high strength bolt pretightening occlusal, can very good seal, but very few leakage;

 Planetary gear reducer is applied in the power machine and working machine between the independent and closed gear, its effect is matching speed and transfer the power, mainly divided into the following several kinds:

1) the general gear pitch circle linear velocity of 25 m/s cut-off for low-speed and high-speed transmission, more than 25 m/s high speed transmission gears are mostly speeder, and less than or equal to 25 m/s speed reducer and speeder design basic same, only the former mainly small gear wheel, the small gear for passive wheel;

2) working environment temperature is commonly - 40 c ~ + 45 degrees, but less than zero, the lubricating oil should be preheated before start to more than 10 degrees, higher than 45 degrees, heat insulation and cooling measures should be taken;

3) engine including motor, hydraulic motor, steam and gas turbine (turbine), single cylinder or multi cylinder engines, etc. Industrial-grade including mining, metallurgy. Lifting transportation, who you are, construction, chemical, energy, light industry, such as machinery;

4) in extreme moisture, chemical corrosion and dust more space should have the appropriate protective measures.

    If required, please contact us with no hesitation!price hotline: 400-066-2287


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