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Advantages and Disadvantages of Small geared motors

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-11-05 17:12:00

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Small deceleration motor is widely used in various fields, all kinds of gear motor on the market make a person dazzling, how to choose the most needed reduction motor?First of all, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of gear motor.

1, the advantages and disadvantages of worm gear and worm gear motor:

Have reverse self-locking function, can have a big reduction ratio, the input shaft and output shaft is not in the same axis, is not in the same plane; But generally the volume is larger, the transmission efficiency is not high, the accuracy is not high.

2, the advantages and disadvantages of planetary gear motor:

Structure is compact, small gap back to town, high precision, long service life, rated output torque can do a lot. But the price is more expensive.

3, the advantages and disadvantages of the gear reduction motor:

Has the characteristics of small size, large torque. Gear speed reducer in the module combination system based on the design and manufacturing, has a lot of motor combination, installation form and structure. Transmission ratio grading fine, meet different working condition, realize the mechanical and electrical integration, high transmission efficiency, low consumption, superior performance. Because installation forms, for the installation of more troublesome.

Zhaowei mechanical and independent research and development, design, production gear motor has twenty years of experience, to provide clients with gear motor design and all-round service. Gear motor gear used in the product after precision machining, ensure the accuracy of positioning, and constitutes the gear reduction motor assembly of gear processing a variety of motor configuration, formed the collective integration, ensure the quality of the product use. Small deceleration motor not only save the space, reliable and durable, bear high overload capacity, but also has low energy consumption, superior performance, small vibration, low noise, high energy conservation etc.

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