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Advantages for the precision worm gearmotors from ZHAOWEI

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-09-07 09:47:00

 As the leading manufacturer of gearmotor in the transmission industry, ZHAOWEI never stop improving and innovating the gearmotors to better meet and even exceed the customer’s expectation. Many gear reducers on the market were made several decades ago only based on the maker’s idea to meet the basic requirement of normal function. Those products have been never improved and updated with change of the market up to now. This is absolutely harmful to the innovation and development of the whole transmission industry. With the conception of supplying the best transmission machinery to the customers, ZHAOWEI have been constantly developing the new products of gear motors to meet the needs from the different markets. We would like to introduce the innovations from ZHAOWEI on the worm gear motors as follows.

 Worm gearmotor is a very common reducer which can adapt to many types of motors. With the advantages of the easy installation and low cost, it is widely used in the various equipments such as food processing machinery, production lines, blenders, etc. However, there still have few disadvantages we have to face currently. First, the gear reduction ratio is relatively fixed. Second, the lifetime is not too long. Since the reduction works through the friction between worm wheel and screw with the low precision and big backlash, this will bring the large heat release and high temperature rising to cause the parts worn easily which will shorten its lifetime accordingly.

 Although there are many advantages for the worm gear motors, one weakness of the low precision unfortunately limits its application in some areas, such as the applications in the high speed servomotor. It is easy for the common worn reducers to cause the problems like oil leakage and big bearing abrasion due to too fast input speed. To overcome this problem, ZHAOWEI has been steadily improving the worm precision with the help of the world’s most advanced CNC machines and the self-developed softwares of profile modification as well. Currently, ZHAOWEI can control the precisions of the worm wheel and screw to be within 0.005mm which can be achieved rarely by the other manufacturers in the current market. It seems that the problem could be solved by enhancing the precision only. But the reduction is realized through the long-term frictions between worm wheel and screw. So the parts will be worn quickly. In order to solve this problem, ZHAOWEI also tried to change the raw material of worm wheel to tin bronze for better abrasion performance. Nowadays more and more companies are producing the worm wheel and screw with tin bronze which is also used as an advantage for advertising and promotion. However, there has a strict requirement for purity of both tin and copper. The purity of tin and copper should be not less than 99.95% if you want to improve the abrasion performance. Otherwise, it will not be helpful. ZHAOWEI also found that the abrasion performance will be improved significantly by adding the nickel into tin bronze after the numerous experiments. Furthermore the tin bronze will not react chemically with the gear oil which characteristic will still keep the oil color unchanged. The chemical reaction between them will turn the oil to be black if we use the common material of aluminum bronze. We ever met a case with a customer for some repaired gearmotors from a functional problem after 2 years working. There was almost no any change in the oil color when we opened and inspected the gearbox. It is quite obvious that the high precision and excellent abrasion resistance will bring a lots of benefits including but not limited to the low temperature rising, low noise, long lifetime, better adaption with the high speed motors, etc.


In summary, there are two important advantages for the precise worm gearmotors from ZHAOWEI as below.

1. Maintenance free and full sealing.

2. Backlash can be achieved to 3-5 arc minutes. Almost no other manufacturer can define clearly the backlash which their worm gearmotors can reach. What does the 3-5 arcmin mean here? The best planetary gearmotor from the top Japanese maker only can reach within 5 arc minutes.

 ZHAOWEI is the China’s leading manufacturer in the transmission design of the micro gearbox as well as the high precision plastic injection molding currently. The micro gearbox of self-development has already broken through the industry limit, especially for the Φ3.4mm planetary gearbox which has reached the leading level in the world. Welcome to contact with ZHAOWEI any time if you need more information about our gearmotors.





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