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Advantages of micro DC motor in industrial robot

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-02 10:49:00

    Micro DC motor has been widely used in intelligent robots, smart home, personal care, medical equipment, industrial intelligence driven, office automation and other fields. Below, ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics will give a simple introduction of the advantages of micro direct current motor in the industrial robot applications.
Micro DC motor for driving the robot's joints, the requirements is the maximum power quality ratio and torque inertia ratio, high starting torque, low inertia and a broad and smooth speed range. Especially as the robot end effector (gripper) should be the small DC gear motor with volume and quality as smaller as possible, especially for rapid response. Micro DC gear motor must have higher reliability and large short-term overload capacity.

22MM Plastic planetary DC motor

    Specific use requirements:
    1. Speedability
    2. Large starting torque inertia ratio
    3. Control of the characteristics of continuity and linear, with the control signal changes, the motor speed can change continuously, sometimes need rotate speed and control signal to be direct proportion
    4. Wide speed control range
    5. Small size, small quality, short axial size
    6. Can withstand the harsh operating conditions, can be carried out very frequently in the reverse and acceleration and deceleration operation, and can be in a short time to withstand the overload.
    Due to the high starting torque, large torque and low inertia, the micro DC motor has been widely used in the industrial robot. DC motor, such as the micro DC gear motor, planetary gear motor and gear box motor will be applied to industrial robots according to different application requirements.

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