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A micro gear reducer and a intelligent trash can

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2018-09-27 15:39:00
A micro gear reducer and a intelligent trash can
Nowadays,the traditional trash can is out of date,the intelligent trash with a micro gear reducer can becomes more and more popular. Because it is many advantages.

The intelligent trash can adopts the microcomputer control chip, the first infrared detecting device, the mechanical transmission device/ micro gear reducer and the connecting rod mechanism. The automatic switch cover is a high-tech new product integrating machine, light and electricity. It has reliable performance and long service life. Low power consumption and other advantages. People can open the trash can without touching any part,preventing cross infection, which is environmental elegant. And the trash can don’t need external power supply,because the ordinary battery installed in a trash can is low power consumption,long service life. The intelligent trash with a micro gear reducer has good sealing performance,which can reduces the chance of cross-infection of all kinds of bacteria in life.

Compared with the traditional trash can, the intelligent trash has an electronic part and a mechanical driving part. The function of the driving parts is open and close the trash can,Opening and closing efficiency of the trash can  depends on the micro gear reducer,so choosing a suitable micro gear reducer is very important.
A micro gear reducer and a intelligent trash can

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