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Analysis On DC Gear Motor Advantages

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-17 11:26:00

    There are many types of dc gear motor, roughly can be divided into five categories: high-power geared motor, coaxial helical gear deceleration motor, parallel shaft helical gear reducer motor, series of spiral bevel gear reducer motor, YCJ gear deceleration motor. The gear reduction motor is also known as dc gear motor. This machine is on the basis of common dc motor and joined the matching speed reduction gear box.
    Gear reducer gear motor installed mainly for lower speed, thus to achieve a large torque. Different gear motor provides different rotation speed and torque. Therefore, dc gear motor in the automation industry utilization rate is higher.

electric curtains gearbox(Low Noise)

    The simple analysis of the dc gear motor advantages are as follows:
    1. Dc gear motor considering to save space on the design of the actual problem, its design is simple.
    2. Because of adopting international advanced production technology, its products with high content of science and technology.
    3. In terms of energy saving, dc gear motor with high-quality Duan Gang material, cast iron in the body, after high-frequency heat treatment of gear surface and so on, the speed reducer of high efficiency, low energy consumption.
    4. Systematic, modular design concept makes the dc gear motor of the broader scope of application.
    5. The high processing precision, formed the electromechanical integration configuration of dc gear motor, ensure the quality of the use of the equipment.
    ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics designed and developed dc gear motor, micro gear motor, reduction gearbox and other products. Low noise, high quality and high efficiency. Welcome your consultation!


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