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Analysis of technical requirements for planetary gear transmission

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-14 13:57:00

    The planetary gear box transmission is compared with the ordinary gear drive. It has many unique advantages. Its most notable feature is that it can be carried out when the power is transferred, and the input shaft and output shaft are coaxial, that is, the output shaft and the input shaft are set on the same axis. So the planetary gear box is used to replace the ordinary gear transmission, and as a variety of mechanical transmission system in the reducer, the speed reducer and transmission. Planetary gear box is widely used in many engineering machinery industries, such as small size, high quality, compact structure and high transmission efficiency.
    The main characteristics of the planetary gear transmission are as follows:
    1, small size, small size, compact structure, large bearing capacity, which is due to the planetary gear box drive with a power split and the central wheel constitutes a total axis of the transmission and reasonable application of the internal meshing gear.
    2, the transmission efficiency is high because of the symmetry of the structure of planetary gear transmission. Planetary gear box has a plurality of planetary wheels which are known to distribute. The reaction force of the center wheel and the rotating arm can be as balanced, which is beneficial to the improvement of the transmission efficiency. If the selected drive type is appropriate and the structure is reasonable, the efficiency value is 0.97~0.99.

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    3, the transmission of large planetary gear box in the transmission ratio of a lot of time, still can keep the compact structure, small size, small size, etc., and it can also realize the movement of the synthesis and decomposition of various variable speed of complex movement. Planetary gears can be achieved by the synthesis and decomposition of motion, as long as the proper selection of the type of planetary gear transmission and the distribution scheme, variable can be used to obtain a large number of gear ratio.
    4, because the planetary gear box uses a number of the same structure of the same planetary wheel, and even the distribution of the center round, so that the planetary wheel and the arm of the balance of force, so as to achieve, the planetary gear box in the movement when the smooth. At the same time, the number of teeth is increased, so the movement of planetary gear is stable, the ability of resisting impact and vibration is stronger, and the work is more reliable.
    It is in the case of a series of advantages with the planetary gear box, so the planetary gear transmission has been widely used in various industries. At the same time, the attention of the planetary gear box is not only suitable for high speed and high power, but also has been widely used in the low speed and high torque transmission device. It is because of the planetary gear box that can be applied to all the power and the low speed range, so the current planetary transmission technology has become one of the key technologies of the world.

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