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A new understanding - fault tolerant motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-09-06 18:28:00

The specifications of a fault tolerant motor include:

  1.Higher redundancy, by using identical motor segments on the same shaft.

  2.Electrically isolated phases to prevent phase to phase short-circuit.

  3.Magnetically uncoupled windings to avoid reduction of performance in the case of a failure of the other phases.

  4.Physically isolated phases to prevent propagation of the fault into the neighboring phases and to increase the thermal insulation.

Shenzhen ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics created in 1997, which is a manufacturing enterprise R&D and production of precision transmission system with high and new technology. Owned by a professor, doctor, master and senior engineer of r&d team,  totally more than 100 people. Customers around the world to provide transmission scheme design, mold manufacturing, parts production and assembly and other one-stop service. The main products are auto parts, industrial equipment, intelligent household, standardization of medical apparatus and instruments, gear box, etc.

Customized drive system scheme of the project are: planetary gear box service plan, times easily African massager hand wheel box, the toilet cover, a base station antenna electric gear box, gear box smartphones photo printer gearbox gear motor, electric car door push rod, EPS electronic parking system slowdown motor, orthopaedic surgery wound cleaning pump, arc rack micro gear motor, etc.

What solutions are offered?

  Coupling two motors on the same shaft (Figure 1) is what comes normally to one’s mind first. Although its implementation is straightforward, this solution presents several drawbacks which are often underestimated:

  1.This solution costs roughly twice as much as the nonfault-tolerant system.

  2.The driving motor has to overcome the friction torque and cogging of the idle motor while it induces in addition iron losses in the later, reducing the overall efficiency of the system.

  3.It brings in unpredictable resonance frequencies which may severely impact the proper running of the system.

  4.It does not fulfill at all the requirements of small size and light weight requested by the aero-space industry.

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