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An overview on brushless dc gear motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-10 10:40:00

    Brushless DC motor can also be referred to as "brushless DC motor, brushless motor, high power brushless motor". Its characteristics are as follows:
    1. Brushless dc motor is relatively high-end high-power micro brushless dc motor rotor in the market.
    2. Motor characteristics for the rotor magnet steel distribution in the inner wall of the shell, stator coil is located in the center of the motor.
    3. The motor external characteristics for the fixed output end cover, motor shell rotation, 3 outgoing lines, no hall.

metal planetary DC motor

4. Using aspects:
     A. Must be used with special brushless drive motor for the three-phase motor..
     B. Brushless motor steering and speed by drive or add external signal conditioning.
    5. Motor adopts high-performance earth neodymium magnets, multipolar slot process to obtain the best comprehensive performance.
    6. Motor performance is superior, the efficiency is as high as 75%, slightly high calorific value, noise is a little high.
    7. Motor without carbon brush wear, long life, the service life of the work in 20000 hours..
    8. Motor outside substructure, the rotor torque, good heat dissipation, the super power can be obtained.
    Application field of brushless motor: Brushless motor is the most distinguishing feature of power strong, fast speed, high KV value. For some need high speed, high outbreak situation is particularly important, such as small aircraft used in model aircraft motor, edge grinding machine, etc. The collocation with reducer: as the exterior rotor brushless motor speed quickly, so general collocation small reducer such as GP35, GP42 series.
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