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Application and classification of planetary reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-08-14 11:40:00

ZHAOWEI MACHINERY.has Germany, Switzerland, Japan and other high precision equipment 200, can be customized according to customer demand for micro planetary reducer, with low noise, high efficiency, planetary reducer in the original motivation and working machine or actuator to match between the speed and torque transmission, the application is very extensive in modern machinery.

28MM Plastic planetary DC motor

The planetary reducer can be divided into two categories, general planetary reducer and special reducer. The design, manufacture and use of the two types are different.

20th century 70-80 years, world planetary reducer technology with great development and new technological revolution and development are closely linked. The development trend of general planetary reducer is as follows:
1.Type diversification, variant design. Get rid of the traditional single base installation, add a hollow shaft suspension, floating bearing base, motor and reducer integrated connection, multi - bearing mounting surface and other types, expand the scope of use.
2.Building block design. Basic parameters by priority number, dimensions and tidy, parts commonality and interchangeability, series easily expanded and a new guise, help organize mass production and reduce the cost.
3.High level and high performance. The cylindrical gear is generally used for carburizing and quenching, grinding teeth, the bearing capacity is improved more than 4 times, small volume, light weight, low noise, high efficiency, high reliability.

There are many kinds of reducer, according to the transmission type can be divided into gear reducer and planetary gear reducer
, the main research and development of the micro planetary reducer, to provide customers with high quality micro reducer products, for the world's top 500 enterprises long-term strategic partnership.





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