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Application and maintenance of small motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-08-31 16:16:00

   Small gear motor is a kind of power transmission-mechanism, utilizing gear speed converter to get the wanted rotation speed by reducing the rotary speed of a motor, and receive a large torque. Small gear motor is also known as micro gear motor with a function of speed reduction and torque augment. Therefore, small gear motor is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.

Small reduction motor is composed of various levels of gear, such as the use of small gear to achieve a certain degree of reduction of the gear, and then the use of multi-level structure can greatly reduce the speed, so in general, the working principle of small motor is the use of the gear drive to achieve the purpose of reducing speed. Generally used in low speed and high torque transmission equipment, the electric motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed operation of the input shaft through the gear reducer to connect the number of teeth on the output shaft of the gear to achieve the purpose of reducing the average speed of the motor,  Ordinary speed reduction motor also use the same principle with several pairs of gear to achieve the desired effect .

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The transmission of small motor is a kind of high precision transmission, and the transmission efficiency is high. Although there are many ways to achieve the reduction, but the most commonly used method at present is use gear to slow down the speed. This is because gear can reduce occupancy and cost. So people also name gear motor as micro gear box. A gear box is usually a combination of some gear boxes. Because the gear box itself is not powered, so need drive components to drive it. And the biggest purpose by using the reduction motor to drive is to achieve power transmission and get a certain speed as well as a large torque. So at present the reduction motor is widely used in various industries.

According to a survey data shows that damage of gear motor components is about 80% due to friction and abrasion caused by. Friction can be reduced by a reasonable choice of good friction pair and using reasonable lubrication. Lubrication is the use of a material grinding to separate the relative movement of the surface. This material is of low friction resistance with a small abrasion. Lubricating oil in the gear transmission just play a role to reduce the friction resistance and abrasion, in order to extend the service life of mechanical components.

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