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Application of Permanent Magnet Direct Current Motor in Automobile Field

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-11-23 18:13:00

    Permanent magnet DC motor is a DC motor with a permanent magnet to build a magnetic field. In the automotive industry, fan, wiper, spray pump, flame arrester, rearview mirror, pump is used in a variety of permanent magnet DC motor. In the hotel, automatic door, automatic door locks, automatic curtain, automatic water supply system, soft towel machine, etc. In weapon equipment, the permanent magnet DC motor is widely used in missile, artillery, artificial satellite, spaceship, naval vessel, aircraft, tanks, rocket, radar, and so on.

Permanent magnet DC motor widely used in all kinds of portable electronic equipment or apparatus, such as tape recorders, VCD, phonograph, electric massager and a variety of toys, is also widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, electric bicycles, battery car, shipbuilding, aviation, machinery, and other industries. In some high-tech products also has a wide range of applications such as a VCR, photocopiers, cameras, mobile phones, precision machine tools, bank currency counting machine, banknote binding machine. In the stage lighting, the permanent magnet DC motor, especially the small permanent magnet DC motor. In the computer industry, printer, scanner, hard disk drive, CD driver, recorder, cooling fan, etc., need to use a large number of permanent magnet DC motor.

 In industry and agriculture, the permanent magnet DC motor is widely used in electric and automation control and instrumentation. In medical field, permanent magnet DC motor is more useful, such as medical instruments, surgical instruments, such as electric saw blade, especially in field operation. In the field of the disabled applications, such as the use of mechanical hand, the disabled car, and so on are used in permanent magnet DC motor. In life, the use of more, and now even a toothbrush with permanent magnet DC motor made electric toothbrush. Application of permanent magnet DC motor is really too numerous to list and can be seen everywhere.

With the development of the times, the application of permanent magnet DC motor will be more, and many of the original AC motors are replaced by permanent magnet DC motor. Especially after the emergence of permanent magnet brushless motor, the production of permanent magnet DC motor is constantly increasing. Up to all our annual production of more than billions of permanent magnet DC motor, permanent magnet DC motor manufacturers produce too many to count.

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