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Arrangement of reduction gear motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-18 10:48:00

    The characteristics of the gear motor is efficiency and high reliability, long working life, convenient maintenance and wide application, etc. Its series can be divided into single-stage and two-stage and triple geared motor, installation method mainly has exploded, coaxial and shunt.
    1. Two levels of the expansion of cylindrical gear motor, gear position relative to the supporting asymmetry, when the deformation of the shaft of the bending and twisting, load in the uneven distribution of tooth width, so the shaft should be designed with larger stiffness, and the gear from the input or output.    
    2. The characteristics of the distribution type of two-stage cylindrical gear motor, shunt type of overhanging reduction motor shaft position by either side, convenient for the machine's overall configuration, shunt level are done helical gear, right-handed and left-handed, to offset the axial force, should be one of the shaft axial winding, can do a bit to avoid stuck gear.

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    3. The characteristics of the gear motor coaxial: radial compact size, but the axial size is bigger. Due to large intermediate shaft, shaft at the time of loading of the one song is bigger, so along the tooth width of load concentration phenomenon more serious. At the same time as the center of the two stage gear must be consistent, so tell level gear bearing capacity is difficult to make full use of, and, in the middle part of the bearing lubrication slowdown is more difficult. Reduction motor at both ends of the input and output terminal is located in the same axis, bring the overall configuration of gearing.
    Reduction motor using range is wide. It can be used in all kinds of small light industry machinery, and its service life is long, the volume is small, the advantages of power is very big, to the extent of reduction is also very broad, if you want to a specific range, can also be customized, very convenient.


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