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Asteroids DC geared motor trusted brand --ZHAOWEI

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    ZHAOWEI specializing in the production and sale of gear reducer motor, ZHAOWEI product prices reasonable, quality assurance is the first choice for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises to win the supply, welcomed the majority of customers call home business negotiations.

Planetary DC gear motor can be divided into brushed DC gear motor and brushless dc motor.

Brush DC motor is operated by a carbon brush, limited life, run out of carbon brush, life will come to an end. On the market, generally, brush gear motor life is about 1000h. Of course, some only have hundreds of hours of life.

Brushless DC gear motor, compared with the carbon brush gear motor, long service life, beyond the control of carbon brush, service life at least up to 3000H.

Brushless dc motor has long life, low noise and high torque characteristics, so the price is higher than the brush dc motor, or even 2 times higher.

Characteristics: stable transmission, large bearing capacity, small volume high torque. Widely used in office automation, intelligent home, production automation, medical apparatus and instruments, financial machinery, game consoles and other areas, such as hollow shutter, smart toilet, automatic clothes hanger, electric tools, automatic window opening machine, automatic curtain, glass curtain wall, bank ATM machine, automatic counting machine, notes vending machines and other automatic machines.

Shenzhen ZHAOWEI is a professional manufacture of miniature DC planetary reducer motor manufacturer. Our company has strong technical strength, advanced production technology, complete testing equipment and scientific management for the quality products and provides a reliable guaranteed service. [hotline: 86-755-27322652]


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