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Attention and method for the installation of reduction motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-18 11:05:00

Reduction motor of the maintenance of the attention of the maintenance of the place: first, the motor should be regular cleaning oil, dust, keep clean, to heat. Two, oil seal damage should be replaced in time. Level three, should always check the oil, if the oil shortage should immediately make up. Four, lubricating oil should be replaced regularly, especially the new machine in the first use, the operation of 7-15 days after the replacement of oil, can be replaced according to the situation in the 3-6 months. If the reduction motor using the environment is very bad or long-term continuous work should choose a short period of time. Also of note, the oil is sure to cut off the power supply, ensure the safety of. If the oil is found to be obviously muddy, it is suggested to be replaced as soon as possible. Pay attention to the quality of different lubricating oil cannot be mixed. Six motor use and maintenance must be carried out according to the use of motor instructions.

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Motor maintenance and maintenance, the outdoor work, consider using a cover set, so that the machine is not directly affected by the wind and rain, the other one is to pay attention to lubrication gear motor, the grease injection well, running for the first time to add new fat for 4 weeks, every once a month 2-4.

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