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Attentions to the operation of DC gear motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-23 10:15:00

Sometimes the impact of the micro gear motor is running more than the speed reducer itself. There are many external factors, well some small problems are often ignored. Motor is thought as a very important problem when there were abnormal, then we should pay attention to the impact of the external environment of micro gear motor, in fact, micro gear motor in the work process we have to pay attention to many places:

A. Motor protection measures: the best of the motor to install the independent switch, set up some protective measures, the motor capacity and the load to adapt to the machine.

B. Motor start times: motor starting number cannot be too frequent, under high temperature, sequential activation of not more than two times, otherwise it will burn out the motor.

metal planetary DC motor

C. Reducing the size of the voltage of the motor: the motor voltage is not lower than below 5% of the rated voltage of the motor, and shall not exceed more than 10% of the motor voltage, low and high voltage will burn the reducer. And long time no used motor, starting before the insulation resistance should be checked.

D. Pay attention to the surrounding environment: environmental factors is an important factor, if in a non clean environment, the motor is easy to produce dirt, the dirt will affect the bearing, grease, directly affect the life of the motor. For example, the working environment of the motor is very wet, this will affect the insulation, the weather is too cold to affect the bearing rotation, and heating problems, so the nine must keep the environment clean, and cannot have combustible items, in order to avoid fire.

In the future when we use DC gear motor, pay more attention to the external factors of the motor can lead to abnormal appearance, if you want to know more about the DC gear motor knowledge, please keep an eye on us.

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