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Automatic curlers gear box, the hair and I need double protection!

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-10-27 17:59:00

 Recently, held in Chicago's hair and skin care international conference, experts say: the woman everyday use rollers will bring the depth of damage to the hair, the hair is dry, bifurcate, easy to break, difficult to recover for a long time.Experts special remind to choose new ceramic coating rollers, although such curlers compared with traditional curlers, prominent hair care function, but doesn't reduce the damage to the hair.Because it has the function of "protection", often make people relax vigilance, the quantity of heat of rollers is set in the most upscale, and frequent use, caused irreparable damage hair.


Therefore, Zhaowei company cooperates with Foxconn to Cornell developed automatic curlers gear box, the product USES the design of brushless dc motor and turbine worm, can effectively self-locking, self-locking because brushless motor itself is almost zero, so through the turbine worm helix Angle from the lock design, can effectively prevent the curly hair spin card to send back the difficulty.At the same time also more effectively improve the service life of product.


This hair curler is can be used to automatically rolled the hair perm hand-held automatic electronic products, it is the main component of a handle and a fever drum and rotating scroll the gear box of the hair, the design of the automatic curlers using circuit panel control temperature, heating drum gear box and rotating scroll hair by distributed evenly heating, heating cycle, improve hair protein structure manufacturing bending, hair curler has curly hair function not only, also can at the same time of perm, protect hair, nourish the hair.


Automatic rollers are balanced with a natural perfect curl heating design, humanization hot face design, smart work safety against electric shock design, fully automatic system design, don't pull hair clip hair tangles sensor design innovation and the design of more than 10 years of life, must put an end to the traditional curl tool.Zhao wei has more than 20 years of micro gear box development experience, for customers to build position control accuracy, low noise, stable micro gear box to the high efficiency.More details, welcome to consult:






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