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Automotive Industry - How does a gear motor work?

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    ZHAOWEI is the development and production of gear transmission products of the national high-tech enterprises, to provide customers with transmission scheme design, parts and tooling design and manufacturing, parts production and integrated assembly of the full range of services.

Brushless dc motors rely on a combination of magnets, sensors, electronic devices to switch winding current. These components perform the same functions as mechanical commutators use a standard dc motors. The difference is that brushless dc motors do not require the same physical contact.

By being frictionless, they also are clean and generate no carbon dust, have lower electrical noise, and are maintenance free.

Brushless motors rely upon semiconductor switches to turn stator windings on and off at the appropriate time. This process is referred to as electronic commutation, a process that switches current from winding winding forcing the motor to turn. The rotor in a typical brushless motor incorporates a four-pole permanent magnet and a smaller sensor magnet. These stator consists of a three-phase, Y-connected winding and three Hall-effect sensors. The role of the sensor magnet is to turn the Hall-effect sensors on and off as needed to generate rotation of the permanent magnet and motor shaft.

A brushless motor is like an “inside out” dc motor in which the winding are located on the outside and the permanent magnet is located on the inside rotor.  Rotation is generated by applying power to the first winding, which starts the initial rotation of the rotor. Then power is applied to the next winding, continuing the rotation of the rotor. This process of turning off and on various windings results and a complete revolution of the rotor.

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