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Basic knowledge and introduction of gear box lubricating oil

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-02 11:34:00
    According to common sense, gear box gear oil in the use of a period of time, the viscosity will be reduced, which is because, when the gear mesh, generating load, will destroy a certain amount of lubricant film, the molecular chain is destroyed, the viscosity of the direct change is viscosity reduction. So the gear box in the running to a certain period of time, it is to replace the gear oil.
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    If there is a large number of air bubbles generated by the gear box lubricating oil, it is not to see whether the gear box of the lubricating oil or water emulsion or gas. If it is because water emulsion, we must change the oil, if the oil is, bubbles appear, it would have to consideration is not oil quality problems, to see if the oil is formal manufacturers to purchase, bubble suddenly or have been, check whether the water, check whether the water, to preempt the lubricant oil sample, placed after a period of time are hierarchical if it is layered, that is water, and finally to determine whether under system in that position the intake of the other. If The gear box oil is a gas emulsion, then you can continue to use, the bubble will disappear in a short time.
    In general, the gear box should have a level, when we refuel, according to the requirements and. To note, gear box oil cannot fill, this is because the gears in the gearbox, in operation process generates heat and gear lubrication oil heated to expand, overflowing to the outside of the gear box, not only a waste of lubricating oil and dirty environment, may also lead to failure of gear box. General gear box oil level line inspection window, or the highest level of oil spill hole, overall gas when not more than maximum level line.

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