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CCD sensor best partner--DC Motor Applications

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    Zhaowei---micro gear motor---it is your right choice. Our products are high precision, long life, high stability, low noise. We continue to explore the gear speed reducer of unknown problems and solutions,

There can be no doubt that the successful advance of digital photography will continue well into the future. But cameras with films are still required for special fields of application in photography, for example making aerial photographs for surveying purposes. These special-purpose devices, frequently weighing two hundred pounds, are far too valuable to be replaced by digital technology. Today the films are digitized with the help of high-quality scanners. Such applications call for accuracy and resolution levels in the range of micrometers. 

The individual image sections are taken from various directions with a generous overlap in order to produce three-dimensionality from two-dimensional photographs. The series of images are transformed to a common coordinate system for processing.  A special program then computes the 3-D coordinates of the specified elevation points. The individual photographs have to be scanned with maximum geometrical and radiometric accuracy in order to produce correct images as part of the superimposition process. Therefore, high-performance scanners are essential.

When the sensor has scanned one line, the actuator moves it back in the x direction. At the same time, another actuator moves the sensor in the y direction precisely through its width. The next scanned line continues seamlessly from the previous one. However, owing to the design, the x axis and the y axis of the scanner are never exactly at right-angles. Even minimal angle offset may have devastating consequences with a required resolution of 1 µm. For this reason, the second actuator not only has to position the sensor next to the last scanned line, but also position it accurately to the micrometer. During traverse in x direction, the actuator must also compensate for the positional error of the axis so that the scanned line follows the previous one precisely. The perfect solution: a DC bell-type armature motor with an attached pulse generator or encoder, which, as the active element of a control loop with incorporated electronic circuitry, is able to respond in an extremely short time very precisely and without overshoot.


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