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Cause of damage of Gear Drive--ZHAOWEI

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-08-16 18:12:00

    Gearbox fault diagnosis method has two kinds, one kind is produced in the process of running gear vibration, noise and oil temperature, such as dynamic signal, signal processing method are used to complete the failure analysis, diagnosis. Another is based on the theory of friction and wear, lubrication oil analysis to achieve the goal of fault diagnosis.

Drive gear when operating, due to its poor itself manufacture, operation and maintenance, etc., are likely to lead to a gear failure, so the gear fault can be divided into two categories, category for causes such as manufacturing and assembly, such as gear error and gear different heart and inner hole, each part of the axis, unbalanced and so on. Another kind is due to long running gear, tooth surface usually carry the load is very big, both the relative between two meshing tooth roll, also has the relative sliding, in this case the long-term operation will lead to the gear surface pitting corrosion, fatigue spalling, wear, such as plastic flow failure.

Gear box at the time of delivery is put away clean lubricating oil, gear box inner coated with anti-rust oil, when stored in a dry uniform temperature inside storeroom is valid for six months, gear box for appearance with special paint, flange, shaft end are to be coated with anti-rust oil to prevent gear box surface rust. Adjustable parts of the gear box in front of the factory have been setting, under special circumstances, the scene can be further adjusted.

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