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Common sense of reducer motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-08-19 16:14:00

 Reduction motor is characterized by high efficiency, high reliability, long working life, easy maintenance, wide application and so on. Its series can be divided into single level, two and three gear reducer motor, the installation layout mainly has the expansion type, the coaxial type and the split type.

12MM Plastic planetary DC motor

1.the two-stage cylindrical gear motor type, gear relative to the supporting position dissymmetry. When the axial produce bending and torsion deformation, load in tooth width distribution is not uniform, so that the shaft should be designed has larger stiffness, and makes the gear from the input end or the output end.

2.the two-stage cylindrical deceleration motor flow characteristics: shunt type gear motor of extended shaft position can be by either side out for the overall configuration of the machine, split level gear were made into helical, right-hand side, left side, to counteract the axial force should be the shaft to make a slight axial swimming, lest card dead gear.

3. The characteristics of the coaxial type motor: the radial size is compact, but the axial size is large. Due to large deflection in the intermediate shaft, when the load on the shaft, so the load along the tooth width of the concentration is more serious. At the same time because of the center of the two gear must be consistent, so that the bearing capacity of the gear bearing capacity is difficult to fully utilize, and is located in the middle part of the bearing lubrication is also more difficult. The input and output ends of the reduction motor are located at both ends of the same axis.

ZHAOWEI electromechanical has a strong R & D team of more than 70 people, including professors, doctoral and master, specializing in R & D and production of gear box motor, planetary gear motor, reducer motor, etc., which is widely used in medical, beauty, health care massage, office supplies, automotive, smart home and other general mechanical equipment of gear reducer.






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