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Comparison of Planetary Gear Transmission and Other Forms

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-20 10:31:00

Planetary gear transmission includes ordinary less tooth differenced planetary gear transmission and planetary gear transmission, less tooth differenced planetary gear transmission, mixed less tooth differenced gear drive, the second and third ring road, closed planetary gear transmission and a variety of types such as general differential planetary gear transmission. Compared with other forms of transmission, planetary gear transmission is mainly has the following features:

1. High bearing capacity and transmission efficiency is overloaded planetary gear transmission can amount to thousands of meters, the output of the torque transmission efficiency up to 99%, so the planetary gear transmission in the application of heavy equipment is developing rapidly, the market price is rapidly rising.

2. Compact size, light weight, a unit of weight transfer torque than general transmission greatly reduced, the bearing capacity of the same weight also can reduce 1/3-1/2.

3. Single stage transmission ratio less teeth difference transmission single-stage ratio can reach about 100, and compared with other types of transmission, the transmission power and torque of planetary gear transmission than other forms, and high reliability.

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4. Structural variation and extension due to the structure of planetary gear transmission types of diversification, thus making the design application have more flexibility and extension of functions, such as the use of planetary gear transmission technology development of controlled soft start transmission differential drive gear drive and other widely used in recent years, to meet the special needs of many of the conditions.

5. More easily, and other transmission type of composite made full use of the advantages of all kinds of transmission form, thus formed the planetary gear and spur gear, the turbine worm drive, and other forms of composite with the integration of a variety of transmission.

Because of the planetary gear transmission technology possesses the advantages of a series of its own, is also the result of the development of our country industry in recent years, these places are strongly promote the planetary gear transmission technology in the rapid development and application of domestic, various types of planetary gear transmission technology and the corresponding products are development and application.

Application field of planetary gear transmission gear box in recent years continued to expand, more typical application industry are: building materials industry, energy industry, metallurgy, mining, lifting transportation industry, forging and metal processing industry, construction machinery industry, petrochemical industry, etc.

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