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Components and basic performance of brushless gear motor reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-25 11:22:00

1. Brushless gear motor reducer Components

Brushless gear motor is realized by electronic commutation of the semiconductor switching device, which uses electronic switching devices to replace the traditional contact type commutator and brush. It has many advantages, such as high reliability, no change of direction and low mechanical noise. It is widely used in high - grade tape recorder, video recorder, electronic instrument and automatic office equipment.

Brushless gear motor composed by the permanent magnet rotor, multi polar stator, position sensor. Position sensing according to the change of the rotor position, along a certain sequence of stator winding current flow (that is, the stator winding of the stator winding position, and in determining the position of the position sensor signal, the signal converter circuit to control the power switch circuit, according to a certain logical relationship winding current switch). The working voltage of the stator winding is provided by an electronic switch circuit which is controlled by the position sensor output.

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2. Basic performance of brushless gear motor

Brushless reduction motor is a kind of high performance electric machine. Its biggest characteristic is that it has the mechanical contact structure with the external characteristics of DC motor without brush. In addition, it uses the permanent magnet rotor, no excitation loss: the heat of the armature winding is also installed on the outside of the stator, scattered heat easily. Therefore, the brushless motor speed motor does not change the spark, no radio interference, long life, reliable operation, easy maintenance. In addition, its speed is not limited by mechanical commutation, if the use of air bearings or magnetic suspension bearing, can be up to hundreds of thousands of running in every minute. Compared with the brushless motor system, it has higher energy density and higher efficiency, and has a good application prospect in electric vehicles.

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