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DC Gear Motor Operation Control

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-10 11:15:00

    Zhaowei Machinery & Electronics mainly researches and develops production of dc gear motor, micro gear motor, planetary reducer, etc. According to customer requirements development custom dc gear motor, with low noise, voltage stability, transmission smooth, etc. Never appear skid, the phenomenon such as swing. Signs in the planetary gear motor, is your good choice. Our products are of high precision, high stability, low noise, can provide customers with a full range of dc gear motor solution.
    Because dc motor has good linear deceleration control characteristics, simple control performance, and high efficiency, excellent dynamic characteristic, widely used in different filds, so how to control it during the process of using? Now let’s have a look together.

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    (1) Positive and reverse rotation
    Due to the dc gear motor and dc motor in the structure are very different. So you can't change the power polarity method is used to change, only by changing the relative relationship of magnetic potential of the stator winding and rotor magnetic field to change the direction of rotation.
    (2) Microprocessor control
    Dc speed-down motor comes into being with the digital control technology and developed, so the digital control of dc deceleration motor by microcomputer is the main means of control.
    (3) Speed regulation
   The dc motor deceleration control can be achieved by changing the size of the voltage, there are two commonly used methods: one is to keep each phase conduction time constant.Change each phase conduction and the amplitude of the voltage on the coil to achieve speed control, another is to keep the voltage amplitude of the same size, change the length of each phase conduction time to implement the control of motor speed.

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