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Damage reason and treatment scheme of micro gear reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-25 10:49:00

    The main performance of the failure of the micro gear is as following: the increasing vibration and noise in the process.
    The main reason for this phenomenon is that the internal parts of the case have been worn or damaged.
    Parts may be damaged: gear tooth surface wear, gear tooth fracture, gear shaft hole or slot was wear; bearing hole of a screw hole is easy to wear failure because of; axial keyway also easy to due to the use of time is too long and abrasive.

6MM metal planetary DC motor

    Repair method: this repair is not all the maintenance department has technical strength in accordance with this method to repair, but if it is a large equipment, can find repair point to repair parts, the overall cost of the enterprise will be greatly saved.
    If it is because of the wear and tear of the shaft surface of the micro gear reducer shaft hole keyway, etc., adopt the electroplating method to restore parts of the original precision.
If it is a micro gear reducer gear tooth broken and so on, only to re process the new parts. In order to ensure the use of planetary gear reducer, friends in the purchase of small gear   box must choose the right type, guarantee the safety factor of planetary reducer, and strictly follow the instruction manual to play the maximum effectiveness of planetary reducer.
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