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Definition and applications of precision gear box

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-03 10:01:00

     ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics is a national high-tech enterprises in the development and production of gear transmission mechanism, providing customers with the transmission scheme design, parts molding design and manufacturing, parts production and assembly of the full range of services. The main products are gear box, micro DC planetary gear motor, micro gear motor, gear box motor, etc. Our products can be customized according to customers’ demand. Our company is committed to the information and communication and new energy smart transmission mechanism, independently developed 4G base station antenna power transfer system, smart home, intelligent robot core driver module, in the international advanced level.

20MM metal planetary DC motor

     Precision gear box from the surface can be understood as the structure of complex gear box, most of the volume is very small, but the small volume also shows that the parts are also small, but does not mean that it is not high, so often used in some micro reducer, and can effectively reduce the noise and other issues. Due to the small size of the micro motor, which has brought some trouble, so the strength of these gears and rack is also very particular about, often need to be able to work in a more severe environment, while the performance is more superior, reduce the probability of failure.
    Precision gear box design and processing can be used for different machines, which also makes a lot of precision instruments can be used in more areas, greatly increased the efficiency, but also reduce the performance of new products is not stable, so that many industry's development faster. The gear box of the development and production of the machinery and the machinery has the characteristics of low noise, small size, small power, low power consumption and so on. Widely used in home appliances, smart home, medical devices, automotive, industrial smart drive and other fields.

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