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Development and advantages of micro planetary reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-22 10:37:00

From the current data of various aspects of our country, the micro planetary gear reducer is an important position in the field of mechanical manufacturing. Reducer is widely used in machinery manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment, and other fields. Also because of the wide range of applications, so the type of reducer is very rich, common planetary reducer, worm reducer, harmonic reducer, etc., in which micro planetary gear reducer is to meet the special needs of the smaller size of the reduction machine.

12MM metal planetary DC motor


Micro planetary gear reducer is smaller, but the torque is particularly prominent. The device and the design of this kind of reducer are more precise and compact compared with the large volume reducer. It is more difficult to achieve the same speed reducer for the micro reducer. Because the speed reducer is usually driven by motor, it means that the volume of the reducer is smaller, which means that the motor is designed to be more simple and compact. From the data can be drawn, the current output of micro and small motor in our country has increased year by year, the market demand for micro planetary reducer is also greater. In order to make the application of the micro reducer can meet the practical needs of the smaller size and power of the motor. In the gear drive, how to maintain the gear is also a problem that has plagued the development of this kind of reducer. Because the design of the micro reducer is more sophisticated, whether it is from the assembly and maintenance, etc., we need to make more efforts. At present, the research in this field is going on in depth, I believe that with the continuous optimization of the design, this problem will be solved completely.

In the present situation of the development of our country 's speed reducer Market, speed machine as a kind of special but widely used reducer, has its unique market demand groups. I believe that with the gradual move towards lightweight, simple, the production and research of automation equipment in our country is increasing year by year, the market of micro gear reducer will be larger.

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