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Discussion on the gearbox transmission fluid leak problem

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-09-19 18:12:00

    The most common type of problem associated with a gearbox, is the leakage of the transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is a bright red-colored liquid that is used to lubricate the moving parts, clean the seals, and also act as the hydraulic fluid in the system. It also acts as a heat sink to absorb the heat generated as a result of the friction inside the gearbox.

The common reasons for the leakage of transmission fluid include a broken seal and improper installation. Fluid leakage usually starts, either due to the loosening of the filler tube or if the pan gasket is defective. If the level of transmission fluid gets too low, then there will be increased friction between parts of the transmission system, causing a lot of wear and tear which can lead to an eventual break-down.

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