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Do you like sunshine while driving?

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Do you like sunshine while driving?

For a good MPV, comfort and enjoyment of driving have the same significance. It is cosy to drive with panorama sliding sunroof, mirth and sunshine. All these can not achieve without case of vehicle panorama motor gearbox from Zhaowei. The aims of this case is to control the noise(less than 34DB) created by motor planetary gearbox and keep out sunshine from windshield, side windshield effectively.
Item barrier: Controlling the noise(producing when sheltering from sun) when high frequent vibrate is processing, improving comfort.
Solution representing:
Two main advantages of this solution
1.The adoption of herringbone tooth is a new breakthrough in this field, improving the capability of noise reduction function.
2.Updating the brake structure of siphonate planetary gearbox. Traditional planetary reduction gearbox use motor to brake, our panorama sliding sunroof gearbox(35mm reduction gearbox) put the brake into planetary gearbox to make the production of motor simpler and noise  easier to control
Zhaowei company has focused on development of vehicle gearbox for more than 20 years. We have cooperative relationship with many enterprises like Bosch, Valeo and Brose. The core activity is to design and produce vehicle gear for consumer. The main products refer to EPB, electric tail gate, electric window、door gearbox,vehicle window motor, ABS and so on.
The vehicle motor gearbox has a variety of specification: 16mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 45mm. If you cannot find the products you need, please contact our technician or online sales engineer. 
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