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Effect of gear machining on the noise of the motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-14 13:54:00

    Reduction motor is widely used in the field of office automation equipments, industrial intelligence driven, medical devices, smart home and other fields, the size of its noise has strict requirements. Below, ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics introduces the influence of gear machining on the noise of the motor.
    Effect of machining error of gear reducer on the noise. Reducing and controlling gear noise is the basic of reducing the noise of the motor. In order to reduce the noise, the structure design and gear accuracy of two aspects to consider.

6MM Plastic planetary DC motor

    1. low noise gear structure design requirements. It is very important for the design of gear structure to improve the bending strength of teeth, and to choose the larger coefficient of variation and the proper helix angle, so as to increase the mesh coefficient, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.
    2. The effect of gear manufacturing precision on the noise. In the standard series of gear reduction step motor, the manufacturing accuracy of the gear reducer determines its noise value. The main function of the gear reducer motor gear is to transmit the rotational speed and the torque. Therefore, it is the main work of the gear manufacturing precision.
    The gear with high work stability is not only long, but also the impact and vibration of the transmission is small, the noise is small, so it is the key to reduce the noise.
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