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Effect of micro gear motor for oil industry

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-10-12 18:21:00

ZHAOWEI is the development and production of gear transmission products of the national high-tech enterprises, to provide customers with transmission scheme design, parts and tooling design and manufacturing, parts production and integrated assembly of the full range of services.In these products, micro gear motor as a small size and large torque transmission equipment, is widely used in various industries, is simple for you today about the micro gear motor in the application of the oil industry.

Due to the particularity of oil sampling survey, so has a high requirement for gear motor, gear motor usually require can normal operation in high temperature environment (temperature tolerance above 175 ℃), can achieve a large torque output (n. 10 M above), can deal with down hole environment, such as: high temperature and high pressure, corrosion, oxidation and so on many factors, the gear motor are usually adopts high voltage low current input, use without hole, brushless motor drive, the purpose is to prevent damage of the hall under the environment of high temperature, due to the different down hole measurement, demand reduction motor output rotational speed and torque are also different. Such as: in many arm caliper reducer is used in the need to achieve precise large torque at low speed, where you need to match the precise speed reducer, and in measuring core sampling equipment, for example, insist on reducer can achieve high temperature resistant, high pressure, can achieve under larger speed large torque output, safe and accurate output quickly. Should choose the GP series type reducer, at this time due to GM series precise speed reducer is generally rated input within the 3000 RPM, so not suitable for high speed large torque output.

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