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Electronic curtain gearbox gear motor

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Introduction about the cases of the development and parameter of electronic curtain gearbox reducer motor

electronic curtain gearbox reducer motor can be applied to areas of smart home, it is the core part of smart electronic curtain group, always use certain develop pattern which is customize the parameter, and performance of gearbox according to customer’s requirements. ZhaoWei company specialized in develop, design, manufacture electronic curtain gearbox reducer and produced the products with precise micro gear reducer.

The parameter of our own-designed gear reducer(diameter: 16mm) is shown below:

Product type: ironware precise planetary gearbox

Item number:ZWPD016017

Specification:16mm reduce gearbox

Voltage: 3-24V(customization)


Reduction ratio:64-216(customization)

Output speed:10-1000 r/min(customization)

Features: long lifespan, high precision, durable, small volume, good horsepower, small vibration, energy conservation

Application: electronic curtain, shutter electrical machinery, cannular electronic push rod


The case of the development of electronic curtain gearbox gear motor.

Item designation: electronic curtain gearbox gear motor

Difficulty: to control the indoor noise made by cannular planetary gearbox(less than 34DB)

Effect:the noise is lower than the minimum data in this area(reduce gearbox)

Point of technologyto control the indoor noise made by cannular planetary gearbox(less than 34DB)


1. to control the indoor noise made by cannular planetary gearbox less than 34DB. The planetary gear uses herringbone-design which is a breakthrough in this area.

2. to optimize the brake of scanner planetary gearbox. Traditional planetary reduce gearbox use motor to brake. The artificial intelligent curtain gearbox designed by Zhaowei put the use of brake into planetary gearbox which can make the motor-making simpler and the noise is easier to control.


Purpose and common parameter of automotive curtain gearbox reducer

The development of automotive curtain gearbox reducer is based on Zhaowei’s standard and precise gear reducer. These kinds of gear reducer whose size is below 38mm can be applied to smart home. It can be divided into two plastic and mental on the basis of material. In the light of size: 38mm, 32mm, 28mm, 24mm, 22mm, 20mm, 18mm, 16mm, 12mm, 10mm.

The parameters of 22mmgear reducer are presented below:

Type: mental planetary gearbox

Item number: ZWPD022022


Voltage: 3-24V(customization)


Reduction ratio16-1296

Output speed: 5-1675 r/min

Feature: durable, long lifespan,  high precision, durable, small vibration, energy conservation

Application:smart home, electronic curtain, shutter


The precise micro gear reducer of Zhaowei can be applied to these types of curtain motor:

1. AC power supply curtain motor: high-power, large power consumption,noisy, large vibration, mainly applied to project

2. DC power supply curtain motor: small volume, small vibration, low noise, small power consumption, low-power, only applied to home and hotel

3. Curtain motor powered by batteries, low power consumption, pro-environment

4. Curtain motor powered by solar energy, using solar cell as the power supply.

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