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Energy saving and environmental protection -- the protection method of DC gear motor

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    Shenzhen ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics created in 1997, which is a manufacturing enterprise R&D and production of precision transmission system with high and new technology. Owned by a professor, doctor, master and senior engineer of r&d team,  totally more than 100 people. Customers around the world to provide transmission scheme design, mold manufacturing, parts production and assembly and other one-stop service. The main products are auto parts, industrial equipment, intelligent household, standardization of medical apparatus and instruments, gear box, etc.

Dc gear motor is widely used in medical equipment, intelligent household drive, drive, industrial automation equipment, etc. Zhaowei mechanical and electrical professional research and development production of micro gear motor, dc gear motor, planetary gear box, gear reduction gear box, and other products.

Dc gear motor is so widely used, then what methods to protect it? Below, zhao wei mechanical and electrical briefly for you the following dc gear motor protection method:
Over voltage protection:

  1.the dc gear motor overload protection: a armature circuit using a current relay protection;

2.grounding protection: use voltage relay composed of earthing protection, when as a ground of dc gear motor, voltage relay action, issued a warning signal or cut off the power supply dc gear motor.

3. over current protection of dc gear motor, using the over-current relay composed of an armature circuit protection;

4.using the over voltage relay composed of an armature circuit protection;

5. zero excitation protection: the excitation circuit using a current relay protection;

As the domestic equipment manufacturing industry integrity industrial upgrading, the development direction of automation, numerical control, intelligent products for dc gear motor provides a very broad market space. Dc gear motor industry and products in line with national industrial policy to encourage the development direction, so the enterprises need to expand production capacity to consolidate and expand the product market, meet the market demand growth in the future.

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