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Exclusive technology--ZHAOWEI

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    Shenzhen ZhaoWei Machinery and Electronics is a research and development, the production of gear transmission mechanism of state-level high-tech enterprises, products to provide transmission scheme design, parts mold design and manufacturing, parts production and comprehensive integrated assembly services foe customers. Main products include gear box, gear motor, planetary gear motor, etc. Company has ISO9001, ISO14001 and automotive industry TS16949 system certification. In 2013 we won the title of national high and new technology enterprise. Our company attaches great importance to science and technology strength and independent research and development, applied successively for more than 40 patents, including 17 invention patents. Participate in country, a number of science and technology research project of Shenzhen, and achieved excellent results. The company is committed to information communication and new energy smart transmission mechanism, independent development of 4G base station antenna electrically controlled system, intelligent home, intelligent robot core driver module, in the international leading level. And HuaWei, Germany BOSCH, Panasonic and other many fortune 500 companies to establish a long-term strategic cooperative partnership.

DC motor speed adjustment? With many years in manufacturing DC deceleration motor experiences of tell you dc gear motor is adjustable, let Shenzhen in detail about it:

1.brushless DC motor drive has two kinds of built-in and external type, with a built-in brushless DC motor cannot be regulated by the majority, the external drive brushless DC motor speed, depending on the structure of the drive.

2. DC gear motor and reducer are two different things. Speed control is to change the DC motor power supply voltage (or change the DC motor drive circuit parameters) to achieve the purpose of adjusting the speed, and the reduction (in most cases) is the direct current motor output shaft to install a certain speed reducer to achieve reduction (at the same time to improve the torque);

3. DC motor with a magnetic field, (most) is a brush motor. If the motor rated working voltage is 12V, then use a 0-12V DC power supply, it can be stepless speed regulation of the motor.

4. DC motor with brush motor and brushless motor, the former to change the power supply voltage can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of the latter power supply voltage must be constant (brushless DC motor cannot be used to adjust the power supply voltage), but by adjusting the drive to achieve the purpose of adjustment;

5. DC motor manufacturers to produce the DC motor speed control, (if not a brushless motor can be) to increase a control board to power supply voltage, adjust the power supply voltage to DC motor speed adjustment;

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