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Four major characteristics of planetary gear reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-27 10:48:00

In our daily life, the application fields of micro gear box is expanding, but people contact with the gear box for the first time may , the following is an introduction about gear box four major characteristics:

A. Low cost. The structure of the planetary reducer is simplified by using the technology of pumping teeth. The same power and different transmission ratio are the same. The product can be used for mass production. The key parts are good;

B. Efficiency. The cylinder pin ring planetary reducer realizes the rolling engagement, the friction loss is small, the pin pin ring is more than the load distribution of the multi tooth meshing, the high efficiency of the whole machine is high;

metal planetary DC motor

C. High bearing. The planetary reducer is adopted to realize the adaptive, so that the load of the meshing pair is reduced, and the load of the pair is reduced, thus improving the bearing capacity and anti impact ability;


D. Smooth transmission, small noise. The quality of the pin ring is small, the rotating arm bearing is chosen according to the strength requirement, and the inertia force is balanced, so the transmission is smooth and the noise is small;

    ZHAOWEI is a research and development, production of micro planetary gear box in gear transmission with 20 years’ experience. Our company's products are mainly include: Micro gear motor, low noise curtain gear motor, planetary gear motor, gear box, electric curtain motor and other products. At the same time, we provide customers with the transmission scheme design, parts of the mold design and manufacturing, parts production and assembly of the full range of services. Our planetary gear box products are trusted by the majority of customers and our quality is through multiple checks, we always adhere to the customer to create the best products

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