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Gear assembly acceptance evaluation

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-12 09:08:00

Gear on the shaft displacement and the evaluation chart can be used as a comparison of velocity measurement of the public, for a given application occasions gear acceptance evaluation, negotiated by manufacturers and users to select the value in the graph, and comparing with the negotiation by both parties to select measuring instrument, the acceptance of the content is as follows:

1) Acceptance, namely a evaluation standard can be used for the entire gear, each axis or each measuring location as an evaluation standard. At the same time it can be measured a few amplitude under different frequency;

metal planetary DC motor

2) After filtering, the test values of relation curve to determine the allowed limit of each frequency respectively. In this case, requiring the use of frequency analysis instrument, the vibration of different frequency decomposition, so that the reasonable curve in the figure;

3) when there is no measured spectrum data or data not full-time, total vibration level can be as the acceptance criteria according to provisions of the following: in the name of the axis of rotation speed as frequency, will not filter axis displacement value maximum, with no less than level and close to the value evaluation of curve as without the filter of shaft vibration displacement in the name of the class.

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