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Gear motor reducer

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    Gear motor is a combination of motor and gear box. When the user selects the motor, often because the motor speed is too high or the torque is too small to satisfy the need, at this time, the choice of the gear motor is the most suitable and most direct solution.

Our company production of micro DC gear motor selection of the most commonly used DC motor, gear box diameter from 4 to 37 mm, and large diameter 48mm pear, application to 1.5 volts to 24 volts, power of 10 watts, speed in every minute 1 and go to dozens of RPM, torque in a wide range of 30 kg cm below the.

The load torque of DC gear motor is directly related to the speed and current. The speed of the motor is linear with the increase of the load and the current increases linearly. Selection of specifications, should try to work in the vicinity of its maximum efficiency point, in order to obtain the ideal operating performance, working life and performance stability.

6MM metal planetary DC motor

In general, the use of DC gear motor with the same micro DC motor, such as special needs, such as environmental temperature, overload condition, current limit, etc., must be explained in advance.

The working life of the gear box is generally more than the working life of the DC motor, which can usually reach 1000 to 3000 hours.

The gear box's total reduction ratio is generally in the range of 1:10 to 1:500. After a special design, can reach 1:1000 or more, but a lot of gear box is not allowed to "reverse", that is not the output shaft of the gear box as the driving shaft, forced to reverse.

Due to the strength of the gear, the gear motor may not be able to withstand the torque, when the total transmission is high, the load torque cannot exceed the maximum allowable load torque. Gear box is made up of multiple gears. Each stage comprises a pair of mutually engaged gears, consisting of a piece of sheet shaped gear and a small gear. The first pinion is mounted on the output shaft of the motor. The bearing of the output shaft of the gearbox is usually made of copper or iron material for bearing oil.

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