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Gear transmission:ZHAOWEI micro planetary gearbox

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2018-09-28 15:35:00
 Gear transmission is one of the most widely used transmission forms in mechanical transmission,which is accurate, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable work and long life.
Gear transmission:ZHAOWEI micro planetary gearbox
Gear transmission including micro planetary gearboxes has unparalleled characteristics as follows:

1.The instantaneous transmission ratio is constant.The instantaneous transmission ratio of non-circular gear transmission is designed according to the changing law of need.
2.The range of transmission is wide,which can be used for accelerating or decelerating.
3.Gear transmission including micro planetary gearboxes can be used in high speed (v > 40m/s), medium speed and low speed (v < 25m/s) drives, and the power is smaller than 1W to 10kW.
4.High transmission efficiency.A pair of high precision involute cylindrical gears, the efficiency can reach more than 99%.
5.The structure is compact.
6.The manufacturing cost is high. Some micro gears with special gear shape or high precision need special or high precision machine tools and measuring instruments so the manufacturing process is complex and the cost is high.

Micro planetary gearboxes transmission is a transmission with a moving axis. There are all kind of transmission types,and the performance of different types varies greatly. It is very important to choose the type reasonably according to the working conditions.Common planetary gearbox transmission is composed of solar gear, planetary gear, inner gear and planetary frame, planetary gear transmission with less tooth difference, cycloidal needle wheel drive and harmonic transmission etc.The planetary gear transmission is usually composed of parallel shaft gears with small size and light weight. The input shaft and output shaft can be in the same line.

Gear transmission:ZHAOWEI micro planetary gearbox
Nowadays the micro planetary gearbox transmission is widely used for many areas,such as smart home,industry,automobile and so on.

ZHAOWEI has 21 year of experience in designing and producing micro planetary gearboxes,gear reducer and small dc motor. Zhaowei provides the total drive solution for customers from design, tooling fabrication, components manufacturing and assembly. It is a partner you can trust!
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