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Have to mention the planetary reducer

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    Shenzhen Zhaowei Machinery & Electronics co., LTD, professional gear box manufacturer, provides dc gear motor and reduction gear box production for sales! Welcome to inquire! price hotline: 400-066-2287

Planetary gearheads are typically used in applications where relatively high torque is involved. By distributing the forces over several gears per stage rather than just one gear/pinion pair as used in spur gears, the gearhead is capable of carrying higher torques without damage to gears or premature lubrication degradation. Planetary gearheads are composed of satellite gears, a carrier plate with pins to fit the inside diameters of the satellite gears, an annular gear which usually forms the gearhead case on the outside and has gear teeth cut in the inside diameter, and a pinion from the driving motor.

When using planetary gearheads, the direction of rotation at the gearhead output is always the same as the direction of the motor rotation at the input. Planetary gearheads are typically specified in applications where space is limited and the use of a similarly sized spurtype gearhead would result in unacceptably short service life. The use of planetary gearheads also has its disadvantages, however. Planetary gearheads are typically noisier than spur-type gearheads under similar operating conditions. They are usually less efficient than spur-type gearheads given similar ratios, and they are more expensive than comparable spurtype gearheads. But if the application requires relatively high torques, and size is a consideration, planetary gearheads are often the appropriate choice.

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