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How does the gearbox change work efficiency?

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         ZHAOWEI is a company engaged in reducer R & D, production and sales of professional modern enterprise. The main production of various kinds of gear reducer, worm reducer, CVT, precision planetary gear reducer, motor and other precision transmission equipment manufacturing enterprises. The company has advanced gear manufacturing and testing equipment. Through technical renovation, complete reference of European technology design, completed the parametric database construction of modular system, relying on the perfect quality management system, ensure that each part of the products, perfect quality products. Our company also can be customized according to customer requirements of various non-standard reducer. Optimization design is based on the combination system in a module. The combination of a large number of motor, installation type and structure of the program, the series of products has a wide applicability.

    All gearboxes work in a similar fashion. The directions the gears rotate are dependent on the input direction and orientation of the gears. For example, if the initial gear is rotating in a clockwise direction, the gear it engages will rotate counterclockwise. This continues down the line for multiple gears. The combination of different size gears and the number of teeth on each gear plays a significant role in the output torque and speed of the shaft. High gear ratios allow for more output torque and lower speeds, while lower gear ratios allow for higher output speed and less output torque.

    A planetary gearbox works relatively the same. A planetary gearbox system is constructed with three main components: a central sun gear, a planet carrier (carrying one or more planet gears) and an annulus (an outer ring). The central sun gear is orbited by planet gears (of the same size) mounted to the planet carrier. The planet gears are meshed with the sun gear while the outer rings teeth mesh with the planet gears. There are several configurations for a gearbox system. Typical configurations consist of three components: the input, the output and one stationary component.

    For example: one possible configuration is the sun gear as the input, the annulus as the output and the planet carrier remaining stationary. In this configuration, the input shaft rotates the sun gear, the planet gears rotate on their own axes, simultaneously applying a torque to the rotating planet carrier that in turn applies torque to the output shaft (which in this case is the annulus). The rate at which the gears rotate (gear ratio) is determined by the number of teeth in each gear. The torque (power output) is determined by both the number of teeth and by which component in the planetary system is stationary.



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