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How important it is to choose--ZHAOWEI brushless micro motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-08-19 17:04:00

    With 20 years professional design, development and production, through the industry comparison and a large number of experimental test data design, ZHAOWEI (ZOWV) developed micro motor, planetary reducer, micro direct current motor, planetary reducer, planetary reducer, planetary gear box, gear box, etc.

Unlike brushed DC motors, brushless technology cannot be operated by connecting directly up to a straight line DC voltage. Remember, brushless motors utilize electronic commutation. So again there are no brushes making physical contact with the commutator. The permanent magnet rotor initiates motion by chasing a revolving magnetic field induced by the current in the stator windings. Creating this motion is done with electronics and is usually an on/off signal called Pulse Width Modulation or PWM.

 Normally supplied by a comparator, the PWM signal is a voltage generated as a result of a sinusoidal command signal and a saw tooth carrier or chopper frequency. The PWM signal is either on or off and delivered at a duty cycle governed by the chopping frequency. The PWM signal will be high when the command is greater than the carrier (chopper or switching frequency). The lower the chopping frequency, the more time the current has to gain amplitude. The motor will continue to accelerate and decelerate with an accompanying increase in current density. Such harsh changes in amplitude can result in more ripple in the output as well as shortened motor life. So it is important that the switching frequency is high enough. The discrete on/off states are controlled by 6 semiconductor switches which correspondingly send the amplified current through the correct phase.

 When the current is reversed by the semiconductor switches, the stator windings are utilized more efficiently because more than one winding will be energized. In order to turn the phases on and off at just the right time, the drive requires feedback. This will help to keep the commutation angle around an ideal 90 degrees. Brushless motors are normally in a closed loop (servo) system to operate properly. In many cases, digital Hall effects are employed to provide the required feedback and commutate BLDC motors. For smoother operation, sometimes sinusoidal commutation (linear Hall effects) can be used.

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