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How reduction motor protect the intelligent life?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-09-12 15:32:00

  Nowadays,internet is full of our life with everywhere,and basically we have entered into the intelligent Era,.Such as intelligent robots, Smart phones, Smart TVs, E-curtains and so on. There is no doubt that the Smart home has stayed at the first position and become a storm center.
Bill Gates once said: "In the near future, there is no Smart Home System will be out of fashion just like today's House without Internet." The Smart home has attracted the attention of many manufacturers of its market,And the truth is that the High-precision motor gear box is as an important part of home appliances indispensable.Well,the questions is how we protect people's future from intelligent life?

  In our modern life, people define the smart home as the terminal can be controlled by mobile phones and do the corresponding operation.But another important point is "network connecting." Comparing to ordinary household appliances, the motor requirements is more sophisticated than smart home. Ordinary geared motors can only be speed controlled, but in smart appliances, the motor in addition to the need for the corresponding chip, but also need to carry out more complex control. Therefore, this motor gear box control system put forward higher requirements,.For example, the motor is more durability, reliability and more accurate control on accuracy.
  Zhaowei as the leading brand of domestic motor enterprises, our duputy says that the motor industry expect to have a very well cooperation to intelligent home appliances, Firstly is technical innovation which including motor and control technology innovation.Secondly is the new structure technology for motor, the pump technology and Patents support.
Followed by staff protection, need to lead by experts, elite backbone, senior engineer and even high-end school-enterprise cooperation.Only with these conditions to talk about intelligence.

  At present, the most well-known of consumer product are smart appliances- Inverter Air Conditioner. In control of Inverter Air Conditioner, highly integrated DSP and intelligent power module IPM has been widely used on this area, I believe in the near future, the motor driver chip will have a higher degree of integration, higher power density and more powerful features. Senior engineer Lu Hengyang said that smart home appliances have more requirements on the MCU, including comfort, convenient operation and so on. Now in the smart home appliances in the motor control program not only to simplify the downstream design process, but also for the machine manufacturers to provide better cost control.
  From current trend of home appliance industry, the intelligence has become the entire home appliance industry chain to maintain growth in the core driving force. As the core components of home appliances accessories, home appliances should speed up the process of promoting energy-saving products to strengthen the intelligent product development, promote technological innovation, sales channel innovation and service innovation. Because only the corresponding components to keep up with the function, the industry can be faster and better in the direction of greater development.





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