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How to achieve silent mode?--small motors

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    Whether you are searching for custom gearmotor for a new project or replacing an existing motor, ZHAOWEI’s experienced engineers and vertically integrated manufacturing  can tailor-made and build for your application.

In each motor undesirable forces, torques, and motions are unavoidably produced in addition to those that are desired. Undesirable fluctuations (oscillating torques) are superimposed on the desired electric motor torques. This results in oscillating rotational movements. Radial forces caused by imbalance and magnetic effects cause radial movements. Friction forces that fluctuate over time occur in bearings and on sliding contacts and cause undesirable movements. When gearboxes are installed in equipment, undesirable rotational oscillations are caused by the gears. All these movements constitute structure-borne noise , and they are transferred as such to the vibrating surfaces of the motor.

It is impossible in manufacturing technology to completely align the main axis of inertia and the axis of rotation of a rotor. While it is possible to keep this deviation low, the typical high speed of small motors causes substantial centrifugal forces – i.e. radial forces about the circumference having the modal order number r = 1 at the bearing points (hence: force excitation ). Depending on elasticity , this results in larger or smaller circumferential radial deflections of the bearing point. Depending on the deviation of the main axis of inertia from the axis of rotation (parallel or angular) there can be radial forces that, in spatial terms, are in phase or out of phase, or combinations of the same, and as a result motions caused by these forces (ranging from shaking to tumbling motions). A parallel mismatch between the axes is referred to as static imbalance ; angular mismatch is referred to as dynamic imbalance 

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