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How to check Permanent magnet dc gearmotor armature winding short circuit?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-10-07 10:13:00

 Permanent magnet dc gear motor work is closely related to electricity, but if the circuit has malfunctioned, it not only itself has been affected, but we can't master it way of repair, so it is necessary for us to learn how to find out the fault and solve it.

If serious short circuit, armature winding motor burn out.If only individual coil short circuit occurs, the motor can still work, just make the commutator surface spark big and armature winding fever, if not timely and found to be ruled out, it will eventually lead to motor burn down.Therefore, when the armature winding short-circuit failure, must be ruled out in time.Armature winding short-circuit fault occurs mainly in the same slot winding turn-to-turn short circuit and the lower level components of short circuit between windings components, the common methods to find the short circuit of are:

Short circuit tester method and find in front of the three-phase asynchronous motor stator winding turns to ask the methods of the short circuit, after short circuit test on ac power supply, a slot in the armature iron core, the broken blade in other notches above parallel moving, when there was substantial vibration, then the slot winding component fault.

Will be 6.3 V ac voltage (also can use dc voltage) on K / 2 or 4 K/apart two commutator segment, with millivoltmeter two pens and, in turn, come into contact with the commutator of the adjacent two commutator segment, detection voltage between commutator of the piece.In the process of detection, if discover millivoltmeter reading suddenly become smaller, for example, the reading test between the two commutator segment suddenly smaller, then connected to the two commutator segment of armature winding components have turn to ask a short circuit.If in the process of detection, the commutator segment q voltage are equal, then there is no short circuit fault.

Armature winding fault can be handled separately according to the different situation, if the winding short circuit, only a few places and short-circuit point is more apparent, can after short circuit conductor apart in mat into the insulation materials and coated with insulating paint, after being dry can be used.If short-circuit point is hard to find, the motor and the urgent need to use the usable described earlier short connection will short-circuit components connected by two commutator segment short sub.If serious fault, need to partial or all of the change of the armature winding.

In the check circuit fault of permanent magnet dc gear motor, we must pay attention to safety, according to different situations, we are going to have to make different solutions, with the most professional the most rigorous technical screening all fault and solve is how to solve the above content, Zhaowei mechanical and electrical regularly push micro gearbox, the planetary gear box related information.





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