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How to choose the power lift gate with good quality?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-09-05 16:09:00

 With the development of modern economy, the car has become more and more widely using in people's lives, power lift gate is a nessary mechanism of the car , it’s main mechanical parts include speed changer with motor, double rocker mechanism of lifting door and window or gear motor etc.; when the switch is pressed down or pulled up, the power is turned on, the motor is turning forward or reversing to drive the double rocker mechanism movement, so the doors and windows rise or fall accordingly. How to choose the power lift gate with good quality? There are some suggestion from ZhaoWei engineering for reference .

At first, to review the working life of transmmission mechanism . If the life is short, the mechanism is easy to go wrong and will has a high maintenance cost later , the cost efficiency is poor , so the longer working life on the mechanism is better choose.

Second, the noise is another choosing index .Noise value can prove the ability of research and development , and manufacturing precision level for a brand in a team . If the noise is big, the quality of precision of transmmission mechanism is poor , it should not be chosen .

The third to see the functions of the power lift gate whether it is intelligent enough. Some excellent brand gates include abnormal alarming device, emergency stop and run, smart electric system and other more human functions except of the basic funtions. If any situation happened when the smart gate running, the motor can set up the emergency locking function to protect the personal safety.

Finally, after comparison above three items, the unit price is also a reference to determine the quality of the motor tailgate.Usually , the prices of the power lift gates are different, their qualities are not same . More about the design and customization requirement for the gate, welcome to inquire and contact us:





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